Lunar New Year

Year of the Goat: Chinese zodiac matchmaking guide

Rosanna Xia, Lorena Elebee and I quickly turned around a matchmaking interactive for the start of the Lunar New Year on Feb. 19. Year of the goat! (Or ram, or sheep, depending on who’s translating).

I was pulled into the project late Monday. Lorena was wrapping up the visuals and handed me a mockup and a spreadsheet with starts and ends of the Lunar New Year, which doesn’t correlate with the start and finish of the normal year.

I quickly made it interactive and we created a hit of the day.

Fancy pigeons

I got the privilege to write a Column 1 on the Westminster dog show of pigeons, the National Pigeon Association’s Grand National. Pigeon fanciers are kooky folks, but so darn nice!

A local pigeon photographer gave us permission to publish his photos. Instead of a “facepile” we’re calling it a “pigeonpile.”

Liz Baylen shot amazing photos and worked Spencer Bakalar and Javier Zarracina to produce an amazing video.